What’s Your Word?

December 4, 2017

What’s Your Word?

Hey Time Hackers!

Today I want to talk about setting intentions by defining a word instead of (or in combination with) your goals.

The Power of Intentional Living

One thing I do every year and have been for several years now is to set an overall intention for each year of my life. I think about what all it is that I want to accomplish and start thinking about the words that describe how I want to feel throughout the year and as I reach my goals.

We do this in my yoga class each week too. Setting my intention in the beginning of each class gives me a word to think on as I am moving through the more difficult positions. My shoulders are especially tight and when I choose a word like “Patience,” I remember to breathe through the movements and not be so hard on myself and my relatively new yoga practice. Sometimes I choose a word like “centered” when I’ve had a long day, or “strong” when I am feeling particularly worn out.

Woman in child’s pose on a pink yoga mat

Each time I choose a word that fits my practice and goal for the day it helps me to maintain my focus, keep breathing when things are tough, and stay present. Setting an intention gives me a clear way to describe not only how I want to feel about yoga and my year, but also gives me a single concrete goal to focus on when I’m struggling. And you know what? Every time I do it, it makes the goal easier to attain! It makes obstacles easier to overcome and setbacks easier to navigate because I’ve got a clear picture and path in my mind for what I want to accomplish.

The power of setting intentions is not just limited to yoga and New Years though.

2018 in bubble letters with a firework design

I set an intention with myself for my meetings, my days, and even when I run. It helps me to stay compassionate and in touch when I’m running on empty, and to stay focused when I’m working through my day or presenting to a client.

I haven’t decided on what my word for 2018 will be yet. There are a lot of things brewing on the horizon and I’ve been toying with words like “self worth,” “confidence” and “exploration.”

My word for 2017 was “Forward.”

I did meet my overall goals for the year I also unintentionally fulfilled my intention when I switched jobs at the end of June, moving from Administrative Assistant to Chief Operating Officer between companies. The title isn’t so much important to me as the duties and the impact my efforts have in my new position but for people in the business world, the title is key (coming in second only to a degree).

Here’s the thing. I didn’t plan to switch jobs or jump titles. It just happened. I set my intention to move forward in my life and worked my butt off to be the best I could be and life?

It pushed me forward.

So when I decide on my word for 2018, you guys’ll be the first to know. 🙂 But for now… its stewing in my brain as I map out my Happiness Project.

Now I want to hear from you. Do you set resolutions in the New Year? Or an intention? Or a word? If you do – let’s hear them!

Until next time…

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