My Top 10 Apps for Organizing Your Life – Part 2

September 11, 2017

My Top 10 Apps for Organizing Your Life – Part 2

Hey there! If you haven’t already read Part One of this list, go check it out!

Part Two

6. Sleepytime

This is an app I discovered AGES ago when I was trying to wrangle my sleep schedule. I follow a pretty routine sleep schedule now and typically get in a full 5 sleep cycles each night. If you haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon when it comes to prioritizing the importance of sleep – you should.

As a Time Hacker, I encourage my clients to take on and try out all different types of habits to stabilize and streamline their lives. My goal is to help women incorporate everything they want to get done in a systematic step-by-step approach so that not only do the new routines become a seamless and automatic part of their lives, but also so that the various habits we work to incorporate fit their lives uniquely. I don’t recommend a one-size-fits all approach to just about anything.

child sleeping

Except sleep. Because it’s THAT important.

Now – the exact number of hours of sleep that every individual needs can be totally different. But this much is true:


And this app helps with just that!

We all know what REM sleep means in a general sense. It’s the deep deep sleep that our body needs to restore our cells, rest our brains, repair our muscles, and improve immune function. When you are woken up during the REM cycle of sleep you feel groggy, cranky, and above all – still tired.

Many people ignore these signs and just push through it – relying on caffeine, naps, or the promise of an earlier bedtime that night to get through it. But unfortunately, sleep is not something you can actually catch up on.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body doesn’t function well. You’re more likely to get in a car crash, miss deadlines, overeat, skip on workouts, and much more. Your inhibitions come down and your crankiness goes up.

Does anyone enjoy feeling this way? I sure don’t!

Sleepytime is the simplest app on my list. (It even has a web version here.) You either put in when you need to wake up and it will tell you when to go to sleep OR you select “going to bed now,” so that you always wake up at the end of a sleep cycle.

It estimates that it takes the average person 14 minutes to go to sleep but that didn’t work for me. So now, I give myself an extra 15 minutes to fall asleep when I am unable to keep to my sleep schedule (I’m only human after all) and it works like a charm.

No more groggy mornings – even when I don’t sleep enough!

7. Moment

This is an app that I started using to help me with a problem.

I was too connected.
Girl in car using cell phone
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I used to be on social media all the time. It can be addictive! The constant entertainment and connection, the withdraw when you’re out of touch… I was that person who had to check her phone because I might have missed something if I didn’t.

And I didn’t like it.

So I installed Moment, which tracks how much you use your iPhone. I usually don’t like apps that run in the background because they can drain your battery pretty quickly. But this one basically saved me from using my iPhone as a crutch, and I highly recommend it if you have the same problem! (Or, if you’re just curious how much you use your phone.)

8. CamCard

If you have heaps of business cards sitting in your desk drawer or getting towed around in your bag, this app is for you. I started being a member of a professional organization last year and at every meeting I would get business cards that I had no idea what to do with. I wanted to have the contact information in my phone without having to regularly sit down and type in new contacts.

That’s when I found CamCard.

CamCard let’s you scan the front and back of a business card and pulls the information right off of it. I always double check to make sure it’s all correct but even when I have to fix something it’s WAY faster than having to type it all in.

Plus, CamCard keeps a copy of the business card and you can access, categorize and sort all of your saved business cards/contact information right on the website.

Anytime an app saves me time and paperwork – that’s a win.

office supplies
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9. Dropbox

Whether you need it for work or personal stuff, Dropbox is my favorite tool to share files online. I have my dropbox account linked to both laptops and my phone, and the best part is you can even set up Dropbox as the place to save new documents you create.

Young girl looking surprised
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Dropbox works just like a regular computer file system. You can share documents with other Dropbox users and easily sort by folders.

10. CoSchedule

I just got started with CoSchedule so this is the newest app on my top 10 list. I love what it does for me as a solopreneur because it helps me schedule out my social media posts and the content on this blog. It actually looks like a calendar with color coding and can hold up to 10 social media accounts on the most basic membership level. I can see a snapshot and make edits right on my phone and this is sooo useful when you’re trying to maintain a consistent presence online. 🙂

Some of what I share here will be resources to all the awesomeness that is the internet, and CoSchedule lets me share everything I want across multiple sites without having to swap back and forth between streams.

If you want some more in-depth posts on any of the above apps – let me know!

So tell me Time Hackers – what apps do you need?

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