Let’s be Real. Meditation Sounds Like a Bunch of Hokey.

September 5, 2017

Let’s be Real. Meditation Sounds Like a Bunch of Hokey.

Hey Friends!

Today I want to talk about something you have likely heard a lot about in recent years. It has been all over the internet and touted by gurus and thought leaders alike as one of the single most important ways in which they have changed their lives.


I know… I know… It’s been talked about and raved about and everyone is either already doing it or completely adverse to the idea. Or, if you’re like I used to be – you have no idea how to start, no idea where you’re supposed to get any extra time in a day to do it, and really really doubt that it works.

Woman looking confused

Let’s be real. Meditation sounds like a bunch of hokey.

Meditation is one of those topics that, when it comes up in conversation, people either nod knowingly or they smile politely as their eyes glaze over.

Today I want to break 5 misconceptions about meditation.

1. Meditation takes too much time.

Nope! In fact you can meditate in as little as three minutes a day. Three minutes. You’re really telling me that you can’t spare three minutes for a better mindset, improved mental health, and a boost in your happiness? I started meditating with five minutes a day and worked up to 30 minutes in two 15-minute blocks. If it wasn’t worth my time – I wouldn’t be investing so much of it! (Or sharing it with you.)

2. Meditation is difficult to do.

Not at all! It is arguably the single easiest thing I do in order to maintain my sanity, lower my stress levels, and make every moment mindful. The best part? I can do it anywhere so it’s always a part of my routine – even on the road!

3. I can’t clear my mind to meditate.

Believe me – I hear you loud and clear on this one! When I first started meditating years ago, I didn’t believe that clearing my mind was even possible. Every time I would sit down and try to meditate I would be interrupted by a dozen other things I had to do, anxious thoughts, and of course the thought of “this is pointless.”

Brain with many thoughts

And then things changed. It was seriously weird but it actually happened right in the middle of a meditation session. All of a sudden, my timer went off and I realized I had been sitting in silence with myself, completely at peace, for 15 minutes. It felt surreal. I felt euphoric. And all it took was practice. (Pssst… You can read about that experience here.)

4.  There is only one way to meditate.

Ohhh boy. I love when people tell me that they can’t meditate because they have tried it and it doesn’t work!

Babe, have I got news for you.

There are DOZENS of ways to meditate.

Just like there are hundreds (maybe even thousands?) of ways to time hack, there are SO  MANY ways to meditate!

Whether you’ve got 3 minutes, or ten, or 30 – you can meditate. You can meditate in the bathroom, in your car (while parked of course), in bed, on your yoga mat – anywhere. There is guided meditation with someone telling you exactly what to think, meditative music that aims to “set the mood,” and then there’s me – I meditate in silence! There is no right or wrong way to meditate and just like an exercise routine, you sometimes have to try more than one approach before you find your zen.

5. Meditation doesn’t work.

Bullshit. I’m just saying. First of all, it may seem hokey but do you really think that people would be continually practicing something that doesn’t work? Do you think thought leaders like Oprah, Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins and many more would be advocating the benefits of it? Do you think the yogis who have meditated for thousands of years have got it wrong?

I don’t think so. But if none of that convinces you, consider this:

I am an ordinary person. I meditate. And I love it.

So tell me – do you meditate? If not, why? If so – how did you get started? How has it improved your life?


    1. Yes, occasionally when I happen upon other people meditating. For example in Ireland I happened upon a 30 minute group class in a very scenic, setting overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I choose to join the group and loved the sheer peacefulness of being in another country and relaxing and refreshing during this local experience.

      • Wow that sounds like a fantastic experience! I'll have to keep my eyes open when I go to Ireland for similar groups! :)

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