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Goal Setting Let's Get Personal

What’s Your Word?

December 4, 2017

Hey Time Hackers! Today I want to talk about setting intentions by defining a word instead of (or in combination with) your goals. The Power of Intentional Living One thing I do every year and have been for several years now is to set …




Tiny Scanner, Big Relief

September 11, 2017

Hey Time Hackers! I hope life’s treating you well! Today I want to talk about a new app that was recommended to me by a friend. Tiny Scanner Let me give you some back story. If you’re anything like me, your experience in offices …

Coffee cup today is gonna be a good day



To Do List Goals: The 1-3-5 Tactic

September 5, 2017

I LOVE this tactic. I first read about it on The Muse in this article: Why You Never Finish Your To-Do Lists at Work (And How to Change That) and have since incorporated it into my life. The 1-3-5 Tactic allows for 1 large task, 3 …