What is THU?

Time Hackers Unite is a website that brings together resources from all over the world to provide productivity tools for the everyday superwoman.

A time hacker is someone who regularly implements productivity tools as a way to organize her habits and priorities with the goal of living the best life she possibly can. It is a concept that encourages the definition of “time management” to be fluid, always evolving and adaptable to your situation and needs.

How does a Time Hacker define “productivity?”

Everyone has a different idea of what productivity means to them and of what they need to accomplish in a day in order to feel productive. Like the concept of time management, productivity is not something a time hacker defines singularly or conclusively. What it means to be productive to me does not have to be the same as what it means to you!

What do I mean by “everyday superwoman?”


I am a Time Hacker – and productivity is my NICHE, but I still feel overwhelmed by life at times. The difference is, it doesn’t bother me like it used to. I have made peace with the movement of time and my inability to “do it all.” By implementing new habits, routines, and tools I was able to let go of the “comparison mindset” that plagues many of us in the age of social media.

A “superwoman,” by time hacker standards, is a woman who has simplified the areas of stress in her life – whether it be her clutter, wardrobe, house, cleaning routines, health habits or anything else – and made time for the things that truly matter.

It is a woman who:

  • Makes her own health and wellness a priority every day
  • Has time to play with her children (or inner child)
  • Wakes up happy and refreshed
  • Goes to bed feeling satisfied with how she is managing all facets of her life

In short – a Time Hacker is a compassionate badass at life.